In a fast-paced world, Bella Vita Living invites you to slow down and embrace the simple pleasures of the Italian lifestyle that prioritize well-being, joy and the pursuit of living well.  


This is wellness that goes beyond the physical. It's more than just the places you visit. It's about a life where wellness is measured in moments.


Ciao, I'm Carmel

I first learned about the transformative powers of the Italian culture when I spent a year at the University of Florence. In the days before Facetime, I was heartbroken to leave my family just one week after the tragic passing of my uncle.

It was the Italians and their philosophy of life that brought me back to joy and happiness. Their philosophy became mine.

My transformation continued as I divided my time between New York and Italy as a hospitality and travel specialist and then a life coach.

I've created Bella Vita Living to share with you these Italian life lessons so that wherever you are, you too can feel more of the joy that you feel when you are in Italy.





Bella Vita Living Experience:  Wellness in Italy         

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Thanks to Carmel’s knowledge and fluency,  our donors experienced an authentic Italy, spending their time as a local. Carmel’s impeccable people skills, incredible organization, and flawless attention to detail transformed our excursions and left us eager to return to beautiful Italy each year. Anyone who plans to visit should be guided by Carmel, she is truly an expert. 
- Sue M. 



Carmel has been creating amazing Italian experiences for us for over 20 years. We highly recommend her because she provides insightful advice of not only what to do to fully embrace living the Italian Bella Vita but also what NOT to do - - when you see Italy through Carmel’s wisdom & guidance you will never feel like a tourist; rather an insider with welcoming Italian friends.

-Lisa K.



An Italian bar is the hub of the community. It is here where sports are discussed, latest news is shared,  recipes are exchanged and connections are made. 
My intention is that this newsletter be like a visit to an Italian bar where I will share news, tips, and insights of all things Italian travel, lifestyle and wellness.
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